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Oasis 2005


What I tried to achieve on the stadium leg of the Oasis tour was to get the flown boxes out of the side stage of stage positions that seem to be a standard. The sound has always been compromised by either the stage towers or the video in these situations. SSE came up with this idea to counter lever the system from the front. Our production team (Michael O’Connor) and the staging company came to the party. The result was what I believe to some of the best sounding stadium shows around. The sound was simply amazing. We had the FOH mix position at 60m and we achieved level of 103 DB with no noise issues. In fact we had a proposed limit of 95-98db by the noise boys. The amazing thing about the result the Geo T gave us was I was never told to turn down over the 16 shows and for outdoors stadiums that was a great result. In fact each night I was told I could turn it up another 3db.

On this tour I’m using the DiGiCo D5 console out front. Being an XL4 man for a long time I thought I’d better get with it or get left behind. The console has preformed without an issue (Maybe a few punters beers did cause us a 10second soft-patch) And I’ve grown to love it. 95 shows later and I’m hooked. It does sound great by the way. All the opening acts used the console and we loaded 3 loads per day and never had a problem.

In saying all that I’m back onto analogue for 10 shows and that will get me thinking again.