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JAS Gets Outlined!!!!!!!!!!!

JAS has recently started purchasing and selling outline systems. We had been looking for a new vibrant speaker system that sounded natural and the Outline systems fitted the bill. As Bruce Johnston had recently been touring throughout Europe he came upon the Outline Butterfly system and was suitably impressed by its sound. We had looked into the range and found they had every speaker type that we needed to fulfil our sales and our own installation needs. So far we have not been disappointed with the products and the results we're seeing have been fantastic.

We purchased a Butterfly Line array system and put it to work in the Palace nightclub Melbourne . The Outline amplifiers have been a surprise as well and they have an amazing amount of power and sound great. We are using the T7 and T9 models and we have not had one issue! So you will be hearing a lot more re the Outline systems. Below we have listed a few recent installations.

JAS now owns 32 x Outline Butterfly line array boxes and 16 x Sub-Tech 218 subs all powered by the Outline T series amplifiers. Listed below are a few of our recent installations with the Outline products.



Outline Tripla speaker system into the Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy July 2008

We upgraded our rental system at the Evelyn hotel in Fitzroy from the old Nexo system to the Outline Tripla. This baby has 4 x 12” 2 x 8” 1 x 3” horn. We replaced the 4 x PS15's speakers as the passive sound just did not cut the room and we were getting a lot of engineers asking for better. We are running the Tripla 4 way and we must say the system just kills that room. One box a side! Lookout we say…

We also put 4 x Outline LA-15 single 15” subs and 2 x Genius 24 processors in. We have been getting some great feedback re this system and the hotel management are over the moon with their new system


Outline Butterfly speaker system into the HiFi Bar Melbourne August 2008

Our first sale of a butterfly system was to the HiFi Bar in Melbourne and all reports have been fantastic. From the moment we put the system in, engineers have been contacting us to let use know how good it really is. The system also includes a Digidesign Profile console for FOH.


Outline Doppia speaker system into the POW Hotel St Kilda Nov 2008

We recently installed an Outline Doppia system into the Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda. The system has been performing 100% and all the feedback we have had has been awesome. People cannot stop raving about the systems sound. As the POW has a mix of bands and club sound the Doppia is certainly our first choice for these types of venues.


Outline Butterfly speaker system goes into the Palace Nightclub Melbourne Nov 2008

JAS recently purchased a Butterfly system and we have installed it into the Palace Metro to meet the demands of the club and the touring band market. The club liked the sound so much they purchased 2 x Outline DVS systems for their other two rooms upstairs. For a full rundown of the install go to out news section. Even the Prodigy could not kill it!!


Outline Butterfly speaker system goes into the Hi Fi Bar QLD April 2009

We have just completed a new rental installation at the new HiFi bar QLD located in the West End a few km's out of Brisbane . We have put 12 x Outline Butterfly line array mid high boxes and 6 x Sub-Tech 218 subs. We have also installed an Outline IS8 front bar system. This is the 2 nd JAS installation for the Hi Fi bar venues. The system also includes a Digidesign Profile console


Outline Product Details

Click the links below to view full product details.

Butterfly C.D.H 483

Doppia II 5040

Tripla II 5040

Subtech 218


For more information re Outline products.

Australian Distributor: Audio Tech Systems located in Victoria


Outline Italy




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