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Johnston Audio

ProSight Laser Unit

ProSight Mounted on JBL Vertec


To download user manuals and speaker fitting guides please click here

Johnston Audio Distributes SSE Prosight laser


Johnston Audio Services is proud to announce that we are the Australian Distributor for the SSE Prosight laser.

SSE ProSight provides accurate measurements for setting the angle of elevation of loudspeaker systems, particularly line or tangent array types.

ProSight has a usable range of +/- 30° with full accuracy. The sensor is capable of measuring angles up to 44° but with reduced accuracy of +/- 1° at 40°.

The ProSight system also has numerous mounting kits available for differant speaker systems such as, Nexo GeoT and GeoD systems, L'Acoustics K1 and Vdosc systems, D&B J Series and JBL Vertec.



Click on the indivdual item lists below to learn more about the SSE Prosight laser products. For any purchase enquires please email info@johnstonaudioservices.com


ProSight Laser Sender Unit

Sender unit with laser module mounts to the system bumper or rigging frame.

ProSight Meter Unit

Meter unit with lase module mounts to the system bumper or rigging frame.

ProSight Mounting Bracket (Nexo)

Mounting bracket for use with Nexo GeoT, GeoD, d&b J Series.

ProSight Mounting Kit (K1)

Mounting kit (Pair) fir use with L'Acoustics K1

ProSight Mounting Kit (K1) Briefcase

Custom case for transporting ProSight K1 complete kit

ProSight Mounting Kit (Vdosc)

Mounting kit for use with L'Acoustics Vdosc

ProSight Touring & K1 Mounting Kit

Complete ProSight touring kit plus K1 mounting brackets and custom case

ProSight Touring Kit

Complete kit with 2 laser sender units and 1 reader unit.



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